Company Service

Even our main goal is to help NGOs, we also provide our services to Social Companies like hospitals, schools, waste management, among other organizations, that help the Nepali population and environment’s development. By optimizing their efficiency and effectivity, we are doing much more with the same limited and precious resources.

IT Optimization

Applying a proper IT in your Company will lead you to better results with less effort. A new ERP software, an App for your customers to make online payments, a stunning website well aligned with your marketing strategy, tools to make every day work easier and having control over the resources you use are just some examples of what we can do for your Company in terms of IT.

Our Partner HARATI implements and develops the most appropriate solutions to your needs by following these steps:

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Design for a Solution & Approval
  • Solution Development
  • Solution Implementation & Trainings
  • Maintenance and Solution Improvement

Please contact us for a meeting and start to optimize your Company.

Strategy & Marketing

Define your strategy and start growing.

Competitivity nowadays is rising with the new technologies and globalization. Our expertise in marketing, online marketing and strategy will help you grow firmly, giving greater and lasting value to your Company.

Call us for a free feasibility study and general orientation guidelines.



We can train your team Microsoft Office skills to work even faster with their daily documents.
Management TRAINING:
Our Consultants can teach your middle managers and directors very useful and practical hard and soft management skills:
  • Project Management
  • Logistics and Operations Management
  • Finances and Accountancy
  • HR: Staff motivation, evaluation, team building
  • Leadership and delegation