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Maya's Country Chicken (MCC)

Project Summary

Maya Universe Academy (MUA) is a private school providing quality education to poor, rural villages where students' parents give time instead of money. MUA uses this skilled labour to increase its self-sustainability by engaging in vegetable farming, animal husbandry, handicrafts, construction and daily maintenance for the school and its hostel. MCC is a social business established in 2016 to sustain MUA's running costs. MCC raises and markets free-range chicken to restaurants in Kathmandu.

Current Situation

Since October 2016, MCC has supplied Kathmandu (KTM) an average of 100 chickens weekly from its farm in Tanahun district. The client base fluctuates (5-10) depending on season and demand. Transport to Kathmandu costs 120USD (distance c.160km from farm to slaughter house).

MCC is a premium product with a high price. Commercial broiler chicken market price fluctuates from 250-330/kg (price fluctuation in recent months). Local chicken (which is not farmed but back-yard raised chicken) sells at 750/kg live. MCC wholesale price sells at 500/kg. This is sufficient to cover costs and have sufficient profit but not at such small quantity.

MCC Farm has a maximum capacity of 800 free-range chickens, according to international guidelines for indoor and outdoor space per bird. MCC will be extending the farm into community, giving opportunity for MUA students' parents to earn a side income by raising chickens for MCC. An investment of 10,000USD has already been pledged to provide 10 families with chicken coops, chicks, chicken feed etc for 100 chickens.

Solution Proposed

  1. Reduce costs on Logistics: Purchase of vehicle (single cabin, pick-up truck with 4WD). This will improve logistics and reduce dependency on third party rentals ensuring a timely delivery of live chicken to KTM and to clients. Registered Live poultry vehicles in Damauli (Byas) the main town closest to the farm and school, are scarce. MCC Vehicle will be able to carry other small farmer's chicken at reasonable price, generating its own income. The vehicle can also be used to transport construction and daily food supply from the nearest town to the school and farm.
  2. Increase Supply Build a new chicken coop/farm to hold an additional 800 (at its max capacity). The new area will raise 800 chickens at the same time to ensure a more regular supply at sufficient volume.
  3. Improve sell-out rate Marketing initiatives will need to be launched such as food sampling at events, restaurants and supermarkets with the distribution of branded materials and discount coupon for first purchase (at retail level only).

Project Cost Breakdown

  1. Vehicle: Single Cabin Pick-up Truck with 4WD 25,000USD with removable racks
  2. Chicken Farm: $15,000
  3. Construction Materials: Cement, Bricks, Tin Roof, doors 
    Electrical (bulbs & wires)
    Water and feeding containers
    Water Pump & Tank close to farm area

  4.  Marketing costs: 1000$

NGO/INGO Information

Maya's Country Chicken
Name: Maya's Country Chicken
Website: http://www.mayauniverseacademy.org
Address: Byas-4, Udhin Dhunga,
City/Country: Byas, Tanahun,, Nepal
Contact Person: Hannah Cremona (project co-ordinator)
Mobile Contact: +9779813481304
Landline Contact: 0000000
Email Contact: mayauniverseacademynepal@gmail.com

Bank Information

Account Name: 53-01-524-280264-01-2
Account Number: Maya Universe Academy
Swift Code: MBLNNPKA
Bank: Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited
Bank Info www.machbank.com // machbank@mbl.com.np
Needed: NRS 13,611,500.00
Collected: NRS 0
Jul 1st 2017

Project Date

Starting: Aug 1st 2017
Finishing: Sep 30th 2017
Donate Note: Please contact the NGO / Social Company to make a donation
Donation Note

Please contact the NGO / Social Company to make a donation

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