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Build and install Containers in River areas in east Kathmandu city

Project Summary

The waste management in Kathmandu Valley is very poor and need help. Just having a walk you can see waste everywhere: in rivers, bridges, fields and the street, and is common to see people burning it.

Fulbari Waste 3R is a company that aims to aware population of waste concern and trying to collect as much waste as their resources allow from their area: Balkot, Thimi and Dadikot. The short term plan is to install large containers in main streets, and collect waste from these containers, as well as door to door.

Current Situation

Kathmandu Valley is growing year by year and the pollution and waste is increasing to unsustainable levels. The 10.000 small fires of waste done every day in the Valley is the first cause of air pollution, which is killing almost 10.000 every year. There are no containers on the streets and just some households pay the membership for collecting the waste. The rest of them throw the waste to the river or just burn it.

Some people would like to segregate the waste and recycle it, but as there is no infrastructure to do so they just put all the waste (organic, recycling, landfill) in the same plastic bag and throw it away.

Solution Proposed

Fulbari Waste 3R is committed to change the habits of the population by doing awareness programs in schools (see attached presentation), with leaflets and door to door advices. They also want to provide 2 small containers for every households which are members to start segregating from their houses and therefore segregation will be much efficient.

Fulbari Waste 3R is also committed to do a monthly campaign to clean some areas which are especially affected by the waste, like river bridges, highways or some fields.

For this first crowdfunding, we need to place 5 large containers in the 5 bridges of the area, where population is used to throw garbage to the river. As everybody crosses the bridges, they will also aware of the situation. These containers will be fixed to the ground with cement and the metallic structure will be robust enough to avoid vandalism and be resistant for long term usage.

Advertisements on the top of the containers will allow Fulbari to install more containers in the future and maintain the current ones.

Project Cost Breakdown

Container consisting in:

  1. 2 plastic rounded blue vessel 250 kg capacity (second hand): Rs. 2.100 each (Rs. 4.200)
  2. Metallic structure: Rs. 15.000
  3. Graphic material to show the purpose of each container and advertisement: Rs. 3.000
  4. Installation charge with cement to avoid robbery: Rs. 2.000
  5. TOTAL COST each container: Rs. 24.200 (214,69 EUR)
  6. TOTAL Cost for 5 containers: 1.073,46 EUR.

NGO/INGO Information

Fulbari Waste 3R
Name: Fulbari Waste 3R
Website: http://www.nfwaste3r.com
Address: Madhyapur Thimi 15, Bhaktapur
City/Country: Bhakatapur, Nepal
Contact Person: Ashok Kumar Thakur
Mobile Contact: +9779861675928
Landline Contact: +977016634741
Email Contact: info.nepalfulbari@mail.com
Needed: $ 1,073,46
Collected: $ 550
Apr 15th 2017

Project Date

Starting: Apr 16th 2017
Finishing: Apr 30th 2017
Donate Note: Please contact the NGO / Social Company to make a donation
Donation Note

Please contact the NGO / Social Company to make a donation

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