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Better classrooms and learning environment for 4000 children of Humla

Project Summary

PHASE Nepal aims to support 4000 children form three of the most deprived villages of Humla namely Maila, Melchham and Jair of Humla with well-equipped classrooms, trained teachers, active child clubs and stronger school management committee.

Current Situation

These three villages lie in the hilly terrain of Humla district and are highly deprived in health, education and livelihood opportunities. PHASE Nepal ,with its integrated development model, has been supporting these communities by bettering health services, improving access to education for children as well as adults and creating sustainable livelihood opportunities via improved farming and cooperatives for the past few years.

In education sector, PHASE has been providing literacy classes for adults as well as incentive package for the children from extremely deprived families. Now PHASE's current focus is improving 25 community schools of these 3 villages via intensive and school sector development plan for sustainable improvement in the access and quality of education in the area.

These schools are deprived of even the basic infrastructure like sufficient desks and benches, white boards and learning materials. The schools also lacks sufficient skilled teachers and a strong school school management committee. PHASE plans to run the following activities to bring sustainable changes in the schools in the next two years. PHASE's plan is cohorent with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG ,2015-2030) goal No. 4 and School Sector Development Plan 2016-2023 of Nepal Government.

  • Upgrading the classrooms with furnitures and learning and sports materials
  • Training teachers and run mentorship programme in schools
  • Strenthening School Management Commitee (PTA) and Parents Teacher Association(PTA) for better school governance
  • Rejuvinating school child clubs and mobilize it for ovarall development of school children

Solution Proposed


Project Cost Breakdown

SNActivity SummaryEstimated Amount in Euro
1Human Resources :Education Supervisor –full time and Senior Trainer -50% contribution for two years€ 20,678.26
2Classroom Upgrade : Furnitures and Learning Materials€ 61,739.13
3Teacher training and follow up mentorship for 150 teachers€ 9,173.91
4Orientation of School Management Committee (SMC) and Parents Teachers Association(PTA)€ 1,250.00
5Child Club Support€ 7,608.70
6Monitoring and Evaluation€ 3,652.17
7Admin cost€ 15,615.33
Total€ 119,717.50

NGO/INGO Information

Name: PHASE Nepal
Website: http://www.phasenepal.org
Address: Sinamamgal-9, Kathmandu P.O. Box 12888
City/Country: Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact Person: Bikash Koirala
Mobile Contact: +9779851149374
Landline Contact: +977 1 6634038 ext 219
Email Contact: bikash.k@phasenepal.org
Needed: $ 119,717.50
Collected: $ 0
Dec 30th 2017

Project Date

Starting: Apr 1st 2018
Finishing: Mar 31st 2020
Donate Note: Please contact the NGO / Social Company to make a donation
Donation Note

Please contact the NGO / Social Company to make a donation

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